Busting Oral Health Myths

Keeping your teeth clean helps prevent many problems you could have in the future. There are many myths about how you should keep your teeth clean and what certain things mean for your health.

Some of these myths have turned out to be true, while others have not. Today, we’re going to look at those myths that many still believe which have already been proven wrong.

The Main Cause of Tooth Decay is Sugar

Sugar causes tooth decay without question. It isn’t the main cause of tooth decay though.

When you consume carbohydrates, a naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth mixes with your saliva and produces an acid that sticks to your teeth, causing tooth decay.

To clarify, sugars will still cause damage to your teeth over time, but the effects of carbohydrates and the acid from bacteria in your mouth have a more severe impact in comparison.

Bad Breath Means You have Gum Disease

While bad breath can be a result of gum disease, having bad breath does not mean you have gum disease. Bad breath can be caused by several health issues. Bad breath can even be caused by acid reflux, also known as ‘stomach breath.’

Acid reflux basically means that the acids from your stomach send an aroma up your throat which rests in your mouth and causes you to have bad breath.

If you have bad breath and aren’t sure what is causing it, consult your dentist to check if your gum is involved. They can give you a quick check up and consult you on how best to treat your bad breath. If all else fails, try a mint!

It’s Normal to have Bleeding Gums While Pregnant

While some women do have something called ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ during pregnancy, it should not be considered something that is normal. You can still avoid bleeding gums by brushing and regular flossing whether you’re pregnant or not.

There isn’t any time where bleeding from your gums should be ignored as that means you have gaps in your gum that could get infected. If your gums do bleed, consult your dentist to get a professional opinion on treating them.

These are a few of the commonly believed misconceptions about oral health. When it comes to oral health, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Consult your dentist and have regular checkups to make sure your teeth are always in good condition.

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