The right fitness equipment

Many people would like to lose weight or do something for their health. Fitness equipment is suitable for this, that is undisputed. But not everyone has the motivation to go to a fitness club for training. Therefore, it is advisable to think about purchasing a fitness machine for your home. There is a wide choice of home exercise equipment. There are treadmills, ergometers and many other sports equipment on offer.

Limiting the training goals

Before buying a fitness machine, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve with your workout. Choosing the right fitness equipment is the first step towards a healthier life. If you have made a well-considered decision for a fitness machine, you can train healthy for many years with your sports equipment. The range of fitness equipment on offer is extensive. You can get everything from a simple dumbbell to a complete fitness studio at home. The basis of your considerations is the question of which workout is best suited for your goals. There are two basic types of training: cardiovascular training to lose weight and increase endurance and strength training to build muscle.

Fitness equipment for cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular training or cardio training is an endurance training that is closely linked to the goal of losing weight. During training the heart rate increases and the metabolism is promoted. You consume calories and the body breaks down fat. At the same time the immune system is strengthened and you are better equipped for everyday stress. For the success of endurance training, the intensity of the load is just as decisive as the duration of the training and the training frequency. The following devices belong to this category:

Elliptical trainers
Recumbent bike ergometer
Exercise bike/bicycle ergometer
Rowing machines

All these devices consume an average of 750 to 800 calories per hour and burn about 50 to 60 grams of fat. The most effective are the treadmill, the crosstrainer and the stepper. The crosstrainer or ergometers are particularly suitable for overweight people, as these devices are easy on the joints.

Fitness equipment for muscle building

Muscles burn more calories. Therefore, good muscle building is important for weight loss. The more muscles you have, the more fat you burn during your cardio workout. You should therefore include muscle building exercises in your weight loss program. The equipment in this category includes:

Home Gym Weight Station
Training bench
incline bench
Weight bench

To lose weight effectively, you need to adjust your training program to vary different exercises. By alternating endurance training and strength training in your training plan, you will be successful.

Which of the presented fitness machines you choose for your personal training depends on various factors. The space available in your home plays a major role here, as some equipment requires a larger footprint. You should also consider your personal sporting preferences. You should not be afraid of the planned budget, because with a poor quality of your sports equipment you will quickly lose the desire for training.

Losing weight and fighting problem zones with the stepper

Endurance as one of the most important components for daily fitness and maintaining a healthy body are offered by various training devices. The search for a suitable training device is based on the objective. Anyone who wants to reduce fat in addition to a consistent endurance training and tighten legs and buttocks is well advised to use the stepper, which increases the general fitness as well as you can see right on amazon.

Measuring body fat with the Caliper method

Nowadays there are many methods to measure body fat. One of them is the Caliper method, which is very popular because it is said to give better and more accurate results than the body fat scale, but it also carries certain risks.

Your own fitness room at home – easy to realise

Anyone who is interested in keeping fit from home can do so without any problems – provided they keep to a few things. By far the most decisive thing that should be right about having your own gym is the equipment that is absolutely necessary. It also makes sense to have a partner for your exercises.

Effectively slim down my crosstrainer

The crosstrainer, also known as elliptical trainer, is one of the most effective devices for slimming, besides rowing machines and treadmills. The crosstrainer offers improved endurance, fat reduction and general strengthening and fitness, as well as strengthening the muscles of the legs, abdomen and bottom.

Slimming through sport even with the right sportswear

Sport does not only keep the mind and body fit, through active sport it is also possible to reach your ideal weight. Sport is becoming more and more popular nowadays, because the increasingly stressful working life offers hardly any variety in the movement sequences. Especially people who work in offices need sport because their back muscles are affected by sedentary activities.

Measurement of calorie consumption during strength training

Calorie consumption is influenced by several factors simultaneously. These include the type of training, the length and number of breaks between training sessions, and the mass of weights used during training. Therefore, a heart rate monitor cannot accurately measure energy turnover during strength training.

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